Add-On Twin Bundle for 4-Box Annual Pay

$60.00 CDN

This item is only available with the purchase of a 4-Box Annual Pay Subscription. It is a one-time payment of $60 for the subscription period. This Twin Package will give you 2-3 additional premium baby items in all of your 4 boxes, which will be selected through your Customization Survey before each box is shipped. This product will start with your Spring Box in which you will receive an additional Zoocchini leggings set and an additional bow tie or hair bow from The Printed Bow. You will continue to receive additional twin items in your Summer Box, Fall Box, and Winter Box.

*This bundle ships free with your boxes

**This item is an Add-On. It is not for individual sale without the purchase of a box product. Any purchases of this item without a Subscription Service will be refunded and not fulfilled.