Add-On Twin Bundle for 4-Box Quarterly Pay

$20.00 CDN per box 

This item is only available with the purchase of a 4-Box Quarterly Pay Subscription Plan. It is additional quarterly payments of $20 per box. This Twin Package will give you 2-3 additional premium baby items in all of your quarterly boxes. Patterns will be selected based on genders as identified upon checkout. 

This Add-On Twin Bundle paired with a 4-Box Quarterly Pay Subscription, will start with whichever Starter Box you choose, in which you will receive two additional wearable items in each of your subscription boxes -  our current Fall Box wearables are the T-shirt & Beanie hat. You will continue to receive additional wearable twin items in your following Winter Box, Spring Box and Summer Box.

*This bundle ships free with your subscription boxes

**This item is an Add-On. It is not for individual sale without the purchase of a box product. Any purchases made without a Subscription Service will be refunded and not fulfilled.