"New Baby, Who Dis?" Limited Edition Box

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Nine incredible items with a retail value of $175.99 for only 99.99 !! This special limited edition box was procured in partnership with Jessi Cruickshank! The perfect gift for a loved one, or to treat yourself and your new baby. Add a personalized note to your recipient in the section below to include in your box.

A personal note from Jessi:

CONGRATULATIONS MAMA! I am SO excited for you and your new baby so I packaged all of my love and joy into this adorable box! Inside you’ll find a few of my favorite things from small Canadian companies - I hope you love them as much as I do. Xo Jessi

What's in the Box?

The Staple Items:

  • Lulujo Swaddle Blanket- Lulujo Swaddles are not just key for wrapping and comforting your baby… they are also the secret to adorable photo ops.  Don’t forget to tag me in pics of your newborn in this one! Lightweight and versatile this bamboo muslin swaddles are a must-have for baby.  Your choice of either Leopard Print or Terracotta Tan.
  • Bear Blanket by Joe Fresh- Ok, not a “small” Canadian company but one I LOVE for affordable basics, plus this soft blanket was just too cute NOT to include.

The Wearables:

  • Os and Oakes Beanie- I hope this tiny little hat is the first of MANY soft, simple, organic pieces you get from Os and Oakes- my kids’ absolute favourite!
  • Mini Mioche Bundler- I got Mini Mioche bundlers as a gift for my twins and I could not get enough of this iconic Canadian kids line. Everything they make is perfection.

The Sensory Item:

  • Chewlery from Wee Bears Chewable Designs- This is a small business, run by a mompreneur that I ADORE.. and I hope your baby loves chewing on this adorable teether-rattle just as much!

The Baby Body Items:

  • Solful Organics Baby Bath Bursts- Bathing my toddlers is like going to WAR- so enjoy bathing your precious newborn while you can!  These organic bath bursts soothe, cleanse and moisturize all at once, making bath time even sweeter. 
  • Substance Baby Nappy Ointment- I’m sorry but there is NOTHING cuter than a baby’s bum… so protect it! With my favourite nourishing ointment.  

Just for Mama:

  • New Mama Tea Comfort Tea by Matter Company- While taking care of your baby, don’t forget to take care of YOU- decompress with this new mama comfort tea made with nutrients to support breastfeeding and post-delivery recovery.
  • MYLK Bath Drops:  Sure, your baby is CUTE, but YOU… are HEROIC. Your body just performed a literal miracle, so take a moment to thank it by bathing with these  drops- packed with organic oils that will heal , soothe and protect.