Book - Journal of Discovery

Do you journal? We didn’t until 2020. During the pandemic came so many emotions, thoughts, questions, that an outlet was needed. A chance to get things down on paper and create a personal commitment to self-care.

But where to start?
When we met Robyn Liechti, the Canadian author of the Journals of Discovery series, we loved everything about her journals. Regardless if you are a newbie to journaling or not, her collection offers the perfect mix of guided questions and blank space to encourage mindfulness, empowerment, and self-awareness as you celebrate your personal journey.  You can also turn your life into a legacy by handing this journal down to your little one when they are older, to share your experiences.

The Making of a Grandparent is the perfect gift-turned keepsake as it is passed on and becomes a family heirloom to your little one.  Once completed by the grandparent and  handed back later in life, these journals become precious, with a glimpse into their past, rich with family history.

Get journaling 💗