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Frequently Asked Questions

Need more information? Here’s a few commonly asked questions by our previous customers before enjoying their subscription boxes

My child is already born, can I still subscribe?

Yes! Our subscription series services babies from 0 – 30 months of age. We select items that are suitable for your baby's age based on the information provided upon registration. Our 4-Box Seasonal Subscription Plan is best suited for babies who are already over 3 months.

What happens after a full cycle of boxes with ANY subscription?

You will have the option to renew your subsciption for additional boxes at the end of your subscription. An email will be sent to you reminding you when your subscription is up for renewal.

Can I buy just one box?

We currently only offer The Welcome Sweet Pea Box as a single box. These are sold in limited quantities until they sell out. So get yours before they're gone!

If you received a Welcome Sweet Pea Box as a single box gift and would like to continue with a subscription service, purchase a 4-Box Seasonal Subscription to receive awesome products each season.

If you are purchasing a gift card, see our Gift FAQ.

Can I buy the subscription as a gift?

Absolutely! We think it is the best baby gift on the market! Make sure to indicate this at checkout by entering the name and the address of your recipient in the shipping address section.

Not sure what to get? We do have Gift Cards available.

Corporate Gifting is available. What a great way to let a client or employee know you will miss them while on maternity/paternity leave. Contact us for more information.

*Single boxes are subject to availability and vary by season. You can always contact us for additional information at our Contact Us page.

I received the Welcome Sweet Pea Box as a gift, now what?

Yay, someone must love you and your baby very much! If you have received your Welcome Sweet Pea Box as a gift and want to continue your membership, purchase one of our 4-Box Seasonal Subscription options to continue getting a box of awesome products every 3 months.

Do you take returns or exchanges?

All Sweet Peas Baby purchases are final sale and non-refundable. We do not accept returns or exchanges of boxes, box items, baby bundle add-ons, or additional box purchases. Any returns will not be eligible for a refund. However, If you’ve received a defective, damaged, or unsatisfactory product, please Contact Us.

Will I be charged sales tax?

Sales tax may apply to orders. Please see your Basket on the Checkout Page for information, to determine if this applies to you.

How much does shipping cost?

The Box

Subscription Members enjoy free shipping within Canada.

All other product shipping charges to be determined upon check out.*

*Shipping costs to be determined by location and subject to Canada Post rates.

Baby Bundles

All Baby Bundle Add-Ons ships on the same day as your next Subscription Box. Additional shipping costs may apply.

What is Customization?

All of our subscription boxes arrive customized to your baby's age an gender. This comes standard with your subscription regardless of which payment option you choose. Customization is an awesome way to choose your own baby adventure! It also allows us to give feedback to our vendors or their products.

As a SP Priorty member you will be able to further customize some select items in your boxes. Customization is your chance to choose selected items in your box based on your individual needs or preference! These items are only available while supplies last, and on a first come first serve basis during the designated customization periods prior to each Seasonal Box release.

How can I make customizations to my box?

All of our subscription boxes arrive customized to your baby's age an gender. This comes standard with your subscription regardless of which payment option you choose.

Want more customization options? Upgrade to become one of our SP Priority Members!

What is a Baby Bundle Add-On?

Baby Bundles are items that are available to be added in addition to your order. They cannot be purchased singularly. You must be a Sweet Peas Subscription member in order to select a Baby Bundle Add-On. They are only available for a limited time prior to billing/shipping as they will be shipped along with your Subscription Boxes.