June 05, 2020

Summer bracelet article

S – U – M – M – E – R.  For many of us… the season we wait for, the season we travel in, the season we grow in, not just physically but together as a family. Summer… the season of leisurely togetherness and activity. Let’s acknowledge it might be very different this year. There might not be much travel, plans have changed, and things are different. However, I feel different can be okay and maybe even good for us. We are far apart but, in many ways, I feel we are more together than ever before! In the spirit of being in this as one entity, supporting and caring for ourselves, each other and our world… Let's choose to celebrate the simple pleasures of summer.

The sounds and feels of summer… birds chirping, sun shining, water lapping, waves crashing, the sweet smell of flowers, ice-cold drinks (Sangria highly suggested), the delicious crunch of fresh summer fruits and vegetables. These will remain the same.  These we can find joy and peace in. These are available for us all to enjoy… simple summer pleasures.

Karma by KJ

Karma by KJ’s Summer bracelet is created with Mother of Pearl, the shining iridescent substance from the lining of beautiful seashells. It is fitting for this unprecedented time in our lives as it brings with it the healing properties of the sea. Wrapping our wrists with its powerful protection and soothing energy. This combined with the restoring energy of Sterling Silver offers stability. Stability through this time of change and difference to ground us. Also a reminder of those simple summer pleasures. As the sun beats down on us and the summer bracelet glistens and shines, remember to choose simplistic joy.

It's summertime! We needn’t hide or hibernate, let’s dance and shine in the sunlight. Soak it up! Drink it up (again suggesting Sangria)! Enjoy the simple pleasures of summer!



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