June 26, 2019


love | acceptance | peace

Rose quartz; the stone of universal love opens the heart to possibility, forgiveness and tranquility. Helps one feel self-worth and emit a peaceful energy. 

Spring has sprung and love is in the air with your little sweet pea. Although some days feel long and maybe some days too short, life is simple in that you have that special unconditional love for your sweet pea.

Karma by KJ has complimented the simplicity of this unconditional love with the simplest of bracelets. A pure and simple design to inspire and set intentions. 

Handmade with a single gemstone, Rose Quartz, its sweetly soft pink hue brings all the senses of spring to life. 

Rose Quartz is the stone of love, and not just romantic love. The stones’ essence and meaning is one of unconditional and universal love. Rose Quartz opens the heart to both giving and receiving love. It can help you to see possibility, forgive where and when needed, understand and see different perspectives and deepen connections. Rose Quartz can also help supply you with the gentle energy needed in recognizing your own need for compassion and self-love. 

Too often as parents, it is easy to not only get caught up in the daily tasks of raising and caring for our sweet pea, but to judge ourselves on our ability to be perfect and all knowing in that task. The simplicity and sweetest of the Rose Quartz Bracelet will help ground you in the unconditional love you feel as being just exactly what your little one needs while supplying you with the peace of acceptance that you need not be infallible or perfect!!! Who knows…it may even give you the inspiration and energy to feel some of that unconditional love for yourselves. 

Enjoy the glories of Springtime with yourself and your sweet pea…. the warming up of the earth…the awakening of plants and trees and flowers…and the unmistakable feeling that love is most surely in the air!!!!!