April 04, 2020

Grounding - Comfort - Stamina - The Jasper Stone by Kendra McCalla Karma by KJ

Springtime……. We breathe a sigh of relief as the cold weather passes and take a deep breath to get ready for the excitement of this season!!!

Jasper Stone by Karma by KJ

The joys of springtime are exhilarating and exhausting all in the same breath……We open our windows, air out the cobwebs and jump into a season that sees us spring-clean ourselves, our children, our homes, all the while beginning the renewal process of planning, planting, and playing.

Karma by KJ Springtime Bracelet features the lovely Jasper stone.  Known as the stone of physical energy and strength, the Jasper stone is perfect for the spring season.  Nothing is needed more than a boost to our stamina and endurance as we prepare ourselves for the warm weather activity.

Jasper Stone by Karma by KJ

The Jasper stone is also closely linked to health and passion…. What could be better for Springtime? After the cold weather, our bodies long to get out into the sunshine, feel the warm breeze, run a bit, play a bit and even dig in the dirt.  We renew ourselves and enhance our health in the fresh spring air.

Karma by KJ has added a small sweet silver heart to enhance the strength of the Jasper stone in our Springtime Bracelet, reminding us of the strongest guiding passion of our lives ……LOVE.

So love, embrace and enjoy this spring season. Get outside with your young ones letting those soft spring breezes blow away the leftover remnants of winter, bringing fresh feelings and experiences to all.



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