October 07, 2019


patience | awareness | calm

white howlite; the calming stone brings patience, self awareness and wisdom through the release of stress and anxiety to settle mind, body and spirit.

Summertime is here…and with it the promise of sunshine, warm temperatures, vacation time and relaxation for yourself and your little sweetpea. However getting to that sweet spot of vacation time can come with its own set of challenges. There is the planning and the packing, not to mention the disruption to your sweetpeas schedule that can come with travelling and vacationing. The result can be anything less than relaxing.

White Howlite - Karma by KJ

With this in mind, Karma By KJ has created the summertime bracelet with the beautiful WHITE HOWLITE stone. Known as “the calming stone” WHITE HOWLITE will help achieve a peaceful state of mind , allowing for the rejuvenation that summertime vacations are really all about. The benefits of such delightfully special times spent on vacation are limitless for you and your little one if only you can allow yourself the patience and wisdom to break from everyday schedules and just be. WHITE HOWLITE calms the mind, spirit  and body, allowing patience and self awareness to flood in giving way for our bodies to truly begin to relax.

So lets put away the to do lists, forget about the laundry and meal preps, maybe even skip the yoga/ baby group classes and get outside with your sweetpea to enjoy the summertime!

Bask in the sunshine ( don’t forget the sunscreen )....

Hike through a cool forest trail ( baby carriers and plenty of H2O required )…..

Play in the water, watch the sunset, walk in the warm summertime rain, go for a picnic and take nap time on a blanket in your own back yard, be patient and just watch what just being can be like!!!!! Enjoy the absolute bliss of this summertime with your little sweetpea and the understanding that there will never be another one exactly like it again.

Wishing you all the sunshine and summertime bliss,

Karma by KJ