October 10, 2019

There is a cooling of temperatures….a harvest of sun-ripened fruits and vegetables and a hint of colour on the tips of the tree leaf canopies.  Fall is just around the corner, bringing with it the reminder of routines and schedules and change. It is the perfect season for Karma by KJ’s Reminder bracelet.

Karma by KJ’s Reminder Bracelet

Designed to be worn always, the Reminder Bracelet gently prods the  mind into remembering the opportunities that present themselves each and every day in the life created with our own little Sweet Pea.

Motherhood is challenging.  It is constantly changing. It comes with the angst of having to make decisions that truly affect the lives of the small humans entrusted to our care.

A gentle reminder, with a simple glance to our wrist, that what goes around comes around, is the comforting nature of this bracelet.  It reminds us to let kindness and love guide us while trusting in each other and ourselves.  Motherhood is far from a solitary journey.   It draws upon the experiences of the many many mothers who journeyed before us and the ones that are walking along beside us now.  Taking the time to stop and remind ourselves that it is not always the journey itself that is important , but rather how we get there and the ones that helped us along the way that really matter.  The daily practice of gentle reminders and encouragements can make life simpler with our little ones when we are rushing through our daily routines to get everything that seems so important done.

When the tasks are numerous, the schedules insurmountable and judgments about the right way or wrong way are everywhere …take time ….remind yourself that with the gentleness of heart and mind you will get there for yourself and your little Sweet Pea.

What goes around…..comes around …….